Washington DC orchestra

A u d i t i o n s


Because of the current uncertainty, we have not scheduled auditions for new members. If you wish to be notified when this changes, please contact Margaret Dikel (MDikel@verizon.net) with your request.

All musicians wishing to join the orchestra must audition for the Music Director. 

We will arrange auditions during the season as needed, depending on the availability of the Director. We also place names on a substitute list, so if you cannot commit to the full season but would like to be considered as a sub, we would love to hear from you.


  • We rehearse mostly on Thursday evenings from September until early June, so it is important that you consider whether or not you will be able to fully participate in all rehearsals and concerts before joining the orchestra.

  • Our concert and rehearsal schedule is available for review.


To schedule your audition, contact Margaret Dikel by email (MDikel@verizon.net)

Please Note:
To help defray expenses, the orchestra charges annual member dues of $100.

We look forward to hearing from you!